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Floors take a beating. They are heavily used and often underappreciated from residential units to commercial and industrial floors. Epoxy floor coatings are ideal for various commercial and industrial needs, especially in areas with a lot of foot traffic or even a lot of vehicle and heavy machinery traffic. 

Epoxy flooring is great for prime coats, build coats, making repair mortars, and broadcasting. Just like all floors, epoxy coatings are not created equal. Some are ideal for calm environments, while others are better suited for high-traffic areas. Whether the floor will have thousands of workers using it every day or forklifts will be driving up and down it consistently, these coatings will stand the test of time and anything you may throw at it.

Both decorative and durable, epoxy flooring by Parquet Flooring offers end-users a low-maintenance flooring solution that is highly resistant to chemicals, spills, and wear and tear. Perfect for high-traffic areas such as automotive shops, speciality labs, and industrial and commercial manufacturers, these epoxy floor coverings offer aesthetic and functional qualities to various applications. Read on to learn what epoxy coating can do for you.

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Why Should You Choose Epoxy Coating?

  • Long-Lasting Protection

Concrete and metal flooring are hard, but they are not indestructible. Years of foot and vehicle traffic can lead to surface-level damage (such as flaking or excessive cracking) or even structural deterioration at a deeper level.

Epoxy coatings provide a protective layer over the flooring surface, acting as a solid barrier against physical and chemical damage. Epoxy, by nature, can absorb impacts and redistribute forces that normally damage the underlying flooring. This results in less breakage and greater safety due to an entire and even floor.








Easy Maintenance

Sweeping dust and debris off untreated concrete are only sometimes easy, and cleaning up spills can be exhausting. The porous nature of concrete means that grease, oil, and chemicals can quickly seep into the floor before you have time to remove them. Repeated spillage can further saturate these areas, causing stains, potentially harbouring odours, and even bacterial growth.

An epoxy floor coating resists this effect by shielding against contaminants at the surface level. The spill-resistant, non-porous epoxy coating makes it easy to clean up liquids, oils, chemicals, and solids using conventional means. So, you can wipe or mop the floor for spick and span look.

  • Specialized Applications

Depending on the needs of industries and individuals, the epoxy coating can be further customized to suit them. This includes slip-resistant epoxy floor coatings, coatings that are chemical-resistant, anti-static, and so on, that can do things regular floors simply cannot.

  • Aesthetics

Appearance is very important, even if you work in an industrial building. Having B2B customers, regular clientele, or other important business parties coming over means it is important to make a good impression. Epoxy floor coating gives hard surfaces a professional gloss and is available in various styles and colours. It can also enhance a concrete floor’s light reflectance value, improving its visibility and overall safety. 

Parquet Flooring - Your One-Stop Solution To Flooring Needs

Parquet Flooring is one of the leading service providers of epoxy flooring and other professional flooring solutions for industries across Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We provide a one-stop platform for all your flooring needs, including epoxy coating. Equipped with specialized trained teams and the latest flooring preparation equipment, we ensure smooth and seamless application over new and old floors.


With a year of experience installing epoxy coating for various industries, including automobile, engineering, heavy and light manufacturing plants, warehouses, and other industrial and commercial floors, we can handle any size job regardless of the floor’s current condition. 

We are happy to answer your questions and offer guidance on selecting the best epoxy coating. Contact us today for more information.


A1. Epoxy floor coating is a flooring system that uses a combination of resins and hardeners to create a strong, durable, and moisture-resistant surface.

A2. Epoxy floor coating provides a range of benefits, including durability, resistance to chemicals and stains, ease of maintenance, and a professional-looking finish. It is also available in various colors and finishes to suit different preferences.

A3. Epoxy floor coating is suitable for most types of flooring, including concrete, wood, and metal. However, it is important to prepare the surface properly to ensure proper adhesion and a smooth finish.

A4. Epoxy floor coating can be installed over old flooring if the surface is properly cleaned, repaired, and prepared. However, it is recommended to consult with a professional to ensure the best results.

A5. With proper care and maintenance, epoxy floor coating can last for many years. It is highly durable and resistant to wear and tear, but can be damaged by heavy impacts or sharp objects.

A6. Epoxy floor coating can be slippery when wet, especially with a high-gloss finish. To minimize the risk of slips and falls, you can choose a non-slip finish or add non-slip additives to the epoxy.

A7. You can easily clean and maintain epoxy floor coating by regularly sweeping or vacuuming to remove dirt and debris. Mop with warm water and a mild detergent as needed, but avoid using abrasive cleaners or tools that can scratch the surface.

A8. Yes, epoxy floor coating can be repaired. Minor scratches or chips can be filled with a color-matching epoxy filler, while larger repairs may require professional assistance.

A10. The installation time for epoxy floor coating varies depending on the size of the area and complexity of the installation. On average, it can take between two and five days to complete.

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