Floor Polishing

Everyone likes to keep their home clean but often ignores their floors’ condition. The floors lose their shine with time, but you can restore them and increase their durability with one easy step, floor polishing.  

Each home has its unique flooring pattern and design. Floor polishing is a requirement for every floor type. Many factors can cause floors to lose their lustre over time, including continuous foot traffic, dirt, food stains, and wrong cleaning products.

Floor polishing is the easiest way to regain strength, increase longevity, and help restore the natural sheen economically.

Things to consider before getting your floor polished

Homeowners should keep certain things in mind before opting for floor polishing. They know when their floor requires floor polishing. A little bit of awareness can help you get satisfactory results.

Floor Polishing







Floor polishing is recommended every 3 to 6 months if there is considerable foot traffic. If the room remains unused, you can go longer without treatment.


Owners must choose the polish based on depending on the flooring requirement. There are three types of floor polish available in the market:

  • Wet LookOpt for a wet look if you want the floors to have a natural shine.
  • High Gloss– High Gloss should be your priority if there is heavy foot traffic and you want an extra layer of protection with more resistance to dust and dirt.
  • Matte– Matte will give a subtle look to your flooring but with a lower shine. 

Why should you get floors polished?

The simplest thing you can do to make your flooring look new is to opt for floor polishing. The flooring in your home undergoes wear and tear with time due to continuous movement. Floor polishing at regular intervals can increase its lifespan.

  • Renew its Appearance

A dirty floor can make your home feel unpleasant. The floor polishing will change the floor’s appearance, and a shinier floor will also reflect more sunlight, making the room look brighter.


  • Convenient and Economical

You may achieve a complete makeover of your home flooring in less time with fewer disturbances and wastage through floor polishing. Floor polishing is convenient and does not require a large investment.


  • Flooring Lasts Longer

The floor polishing will not only remove your floor’s dullness but also increase its durability and make it last longer. Cleaning the floor will become easier due to using concrete in floor polishing. It will keep it scratch-free for a longer duration despite heavy foot traffic.

  • Improved Air Quality

Indoor air quality is one of the components of a healthy lifestyle. An unclean floor can also impact your indoor air quality. Polished floors collect dust particles from the air, making the home cleaner and improving the air quality. 

  •  Increases the chances of preference by people

A well-maintained home is always the first preference of people. If you want to resell your property, a well-polished floor can increase its market value.

Maintenance after floor polishing

Proper maintenance after floor polishing is essential to keep their finished look. Regular dusting and mopping help keep the floor clean. Additionally, owners must be careful and try not to push around heavy furniture that can cause damage to the floors. Regular maintenance helps to maintain a polished and classy appearance.


Why is Parquet Flooring the Best Choice?

Parquet Flooring offers a wide range of flooring choices. Our team handles all technical issues relating to dimensions and measurements and gives you a cost estimate for the installation. Upgrade your space with Parquet Flooring today! Contact us for a quote.



Q1. What type of maintenance is required after floor polishing?

Ans. To maintain the glossy floors after polishing, carry out regular dusting and mopping. Use neutral solutions for wet mopping, and clear up stains before they dry.

Q2. Is it safe to walk over a polished floor?

Ans. Yes, floor polishing will remove all the dirt, dust and blemishes from your floor, making it look as smooth as glass. Polished floors done by the technical team at Parquet Flooring are slip-resistant, making them safe to walk over.

Q3. For how much time the floor polishing should be left to dry?

Ans. The recommended time is 4-8 hours for the water-based finishing, 4-24 hours for hard wax oils, and 12-24 hours for the oil-modified polyurethane. 


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